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The Reusable Packaging Association defines returnable packaging as “pallets, bins, tanks, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), reusable plastic containers (RPCs) and other hand-held containers and totes, trays and dunnage that move products efficiently and safely through supply chains”.

Transforming Expendable into
Returnable Packaging

What we actually do?

Tangible Benifits of
Returnable Packaging

  • Transportation
Return freight cost reduced due to foldable nature of packaging Product
  • Protection Compact
Pack size reduces risks of in-transit damagers
  • Recurring Packaging
Usable across logistic cycles for a 7 – 8 yrs
  • Labor Costs
Economic handling, packaging & management processes for labors
  • Waste Management
Return freight costs are considerably lesser than waste disposal costs
  • 1 returnable pack replaces 100 cardboard boxes
  • Solid waste reduction
  • Decrease in landfills
  • Green-house emissions curbed on a per cycle basis
  • Improved quality control
  • Reduced working environment risks
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Shorter loading & unloading periods