Transforming Your Supply Chain with
Reusable Package Sustainable Package

A Circular Economy for all your Industrial Shipping & Packaging

Boxtron is addressing returnable packaging needs of the industry and fast advancing from a packaging asset leasing player to a holistic service provider for returnable packaging. Aim of the company is to help businesses to achieve zero-solid waste targets

Solutions for :

Expendable Packaging


Higher cost due to non-reusable packaging


End user disposal cost


Returnable Packaging


End user disposal cost eliminated Average life cycle 7 - 8 years


Boxtron & Customer Function
in a Lease Cycle

Samples and trials as per design and sign-off for further process

Use component details for CPC calculations & designing the packaging

Cleaning and reconditioning of pallets to get them ready for the next trip

Use location details to calculate the cycle days

Get assets in place in the warehouse for dispatch

Handling logistics from warehouse to supplier

Handling logistics from OEM
back to warehouse

Customer is responsible for unboxing & emptying containers as per the cycle days agreed

Products Offerings

Boxtron Business Process-

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